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How did we get here?

I used to know you so well...

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Name:fighting evil by moonlight
Birthdate:Aug 17
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

about me ♪
female. teenager. pittsburgh native. steelers fan. penguins fan. annoyed with the pirates surprised the pirates are having a winning season. science geek. practicing witch. born and raised catholic. bisexual with a heavy lesbian lean. fandom whore. roleplayer. computer geek. theater and techie kid. total nerd. has contacts. speaks french. likes to cook and bake. osu buckeye. type a. lazy. loves to im and role-play. lover of csi/numb3rs/etc. music whore. fob fanatic. patd lover. still likes the goo goo dolls. ipod touch owner. itunes user. mac user. windows hater. firefox lover. macbook baby. mentally questionable. does not love kids. loves pets. like kitties. and ferrets. isn't planning on waiting for "marriage" since marriage might not be an option. refuses to get drunk. doesn't take drugs. tree-hugger. billie joe. me @ twitterlae
about my lj ♪
my lj is sorta friends only. certain things i like to keep private, you know? i do use filters, and i won't tell people who is on what one. it automatically posts links to my public entries on facebook, which you can also add me if you want. just let me know who you are and life is good. don't start shit-i can and will do anything to stop it. i'll add just about anyone, just let me know you added me. that's what the fo post is for. ♪
my fandoms ♪
csi. csi:miami. csi: ny, kingdom hearts, dbz, fma, numb3rs. law and order. lao:svu. fall out boy. panic at the disco. muse. garbage. placebo. dead like me. hex. avatar. dark cloud. final fantasy. the killers. the tudors. osu buckeyes. pittsburgh steelers. penguins. you.♪
my claims ♪
Andy Hurley is my BFF at [info]idk_my_bff. I am billie joe at [info]iam_lj. I am Tifa on the Restoration Blog Crew..♪
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